Our Philosophy

Catori Design House is a full-service design firm offering programming, space planning, interior architecture and design, as well as furniture selection and procurement. We specialize in blending architectural elements with interior details to create thoughtful, cohesive spaces. After a decade in the industry and a lifetime of appreciating beauty in all its forms, Terra and Kristi launched their own firm.  Here, they are able to embrace their love for design as an art form-both residentially and commercially. Inspired by design’s ability to artistically and visually tell the story of a person, company, or place, they believe that each project has a life of its own. They look at each space with new excitement and enthusiasm for its potential, focusing on the smallest details in order to create exceptional interiors.

Terra Mimikakis

Terra is well-versed in a broad range of styles and project types, such as residential, corporate, academic, worship and performance. Her design sensibility is a fresh take on classic, timeless aesthetic that reflect her clients’ unique taste, interests, personality and lifestyle. She brings passion and enthusiasm to each client and every project. Located in Birmingham, Alabama Terra partners with clients and architects throughout the country, with completed projects in Houston, Hattiesburg, New Orleans and Birmingham. 

Terra’s intrigue and appreciation for design, painting, and art began at a young age. Her earliest memories are being in awe of the physical space around her. She was captivated by the colors, textures and light. Once Terra discovered how these elements affect the world and those who encounter them in design school, she fell in love and never turned back.

Kristi Freeman

Kristi grew up moving often as a child and was enthralled by the different people and places each new adventure entailed.  The sights and sounds of living in places like Kansas City, New Orleans and Philadelphia allowed her to learn about different kinds of people, food, music and art.  Even at an early age her favorite toys or gifts were art supplies or design templates and some of her fondest memories were visiting art museums or concerts with her mother.  These passions led her to study music, art history and interior design in college.  She graduated with her Master of Science in Interior Design in 2004 and has been in the industry ever since.  Kristi’s work experience encompasses a broad range of project types including corporate, healthcare, and education with a unique specialization in commercial furniture and finishes.  Instead of having one specific style, she would describe herself as a lover of many styles.  Her guiding principles are to listen, to be honest and to create meaningful interiors.  Her goal is to offer solutions that exceed her client’s expectations or vision.